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  • Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry
    Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry
    by Craig Terlson

    A collection of short stories where the humour runs dark and the slipstream bubbles up.


    ...imagine if Raymond Carver called up George Saunders and Joe Lansdale, and they all went drinking with Neil Gaiman.

  • Correction Line
    Correction Line
    by Craig Terlson

    “… it's clear that Terlson is way ahead of the curve in terms of crafting an engaging premise that reaches for elevated territory and reinvents enduring archetypes of action and suspense.”  J. Schoenfelder

    "Sometimes brutal, often demanding and always complex, this novel will repay the reader who likes their assumptions challenged and is happy to walk away from a book with minor questions unanswered but the big ones definitely dealt with! It’s likely to satisfy those who enjoy Hammet and/or Philip K Dick and who like their fiction very noir indeed."   Kay Sexton


    "I love a novel that you can't put down, and this is one of them."  L. Cihlar

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This shit just got real.

hotfuzz.gif Okay, for starters this is a dumb movie, but it is also a very very smart movie. I took in Hot Fuzz this weekend with my son and wife. My wife gets the mom of the year award for sitting through a tremendously male movie. Secretly, I think she might have liked it, but needed to preserve her sophisticated mom exterior. My son thought it was the best thing since...well... EVER!

It is clever satire, Hollywood action films get screened through a British sardonic filter. There are also some definite nods to John Woo and Chow Yun-Fat in Hardboiled. I actually liked a lot of the quieter moments rather than the over the top parody. For a movie guy like me it was fun to pickup all the references and homages (one of the reasons I love movies like Pulp Fiction). But I have to admit it was bit embarrassing to admit I knew dialogue from Bad Boys 2 (the title of this post for example) and knew exactly the moment they were talking about in Point Break when Keanu Reeves fires his gun in the air in rage.

Now, pardon me, I need to go watch some Bergman films as a penance.
Then I'll see if can rent the entire Dirty Harry series - now that shit is real.

Reader Comments (3)

I have an idea I'll miss most of the references, but I'll see this movie eventually because I loved their zombie movie. Have you seen it?

April 24, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermark heath

Hey Craig Terlson! Long time no contact. I was just talking to someone who was looking for an illustrator, and the style he was looking for put me in mind of you... So I googled you and found your new website and had fun browsing through it, and thought I'd drop by and say hello! HELLO! How the heck are you? I'm in Vancouver now (for the past almost 4 years) and have gotten back to doing something that occasionally resembles 'art', called 'graphic recording'. Check out my blog (aka "I can't afford a real website") - to see what it looks like. And drop me a note some time! Cheers.

April 25, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAvril

Well how about that - you just never know who is going to blow by here.
Hello and how the heck are you back?!!! I am pretty fine, up to my eyeballs in a variety things including a fairly intense fiction class (which you probably know if you ended up here).

Vancouver hey? Must be nice. I will drop you a line when things simmer down a bit, let you know what's shaking in the West.

take care, Avril - hope you're well.


April 25, 2007 | Unregistered Commentercraig

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