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  • Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry
    Ethical Aspects of Animal Husbandry
    by Craig Terlson

    A collection of short stories where the humour runs dark and the slipstream bubbles up.


    ...imagine if Raymond Carver called up George Saunders and Joe Lansdale, and they all went drinking with Neil Gaiman.

  • Correction Line
    Correction Line
    by Craig Terlson

    “… it's clear that Terlson is way ahead of the curve in terms of crafting an engaging premise that reaches for elevated territory and reinvents enduring archetypes of action and suspense.”  J. Schoenfelder

    "Sometimes brutal, often demanding and always complex, this novel will repay the reader who likes their assumptions challenged and is happy to walk away from a book with minor questions unanswered but the big ones definitely dealt with! It’s likely to satisfy those who enjoy Hammet and/or Philip K Dick and who like their fiction very noir indeed."   Kay Sexton


    "I love a novel that you can't put down, and this is one of them."  L. Cihlar

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Fall in One Day

And... done. The first draft anyway. I finished my first draft of my new novel, Fall in One Day. I am going to keep my head down, and into revision mode, for the next few months. My hope is to have something ready for submission this fall.

I don't feel elated, as I kind of expected - only that I need to work hard to make this the best book I can. Maybe the workmanlike attitude is best when trying to crack into the ever shrinking publishing world.

I won't be posting excerpts here at the blog - but I will, of course, post updates. Is the industry ready for a LSD + Watergate + growing up in the 70's book... why, yes, I hope it is.

Wish me luck.

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